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Let Your Spirit Dance!

2018 - 2019 Festivals

 Everyone will be attending two local Festivals this year:

The Festivals and dates are yet to be determined.

All Festival Schedules will be emailed out when they are available.

Festival Fees

For every festival that a dance class goes into, there is a fee.  This fee is shared by the dancers in the class.    The average cost for festivals fees is between $30.00 per festival per class.  (For example, if you have one dancer in Intro to Dance, and we are in two festivals, your festival fee would be between $60 for the year.  If you have one dancer in Tap and Ballet, your festival fee would be between $120 for the year.   Solo and duet fees (for those dancers who are doing this), will also be invoiced.

If a dancers festival fees have not been paid by the due date stated on the calendar or arrangements have not been made, the dancer will not be permitted to dance in the Festival.

Festival Guidelines

ARRIVE EARLY!  Arriving an hour and a half before your dancers's scheduled time is a good way to allow time for changing, doing hair and make-up, warming up and preparing to perform.  Instructors need to know if all dancers are present.  Dancers that are not ready 30 minutes prior to performance time may not be allowed to perform.

Competition schedules sometimes run early and dancers are expected to be ready to perform even it it is earlier than scheduled.  It is also much easier for instructors to keep track of their groups and ensure that all outfits, makeup and hair are done properly. Remember to add at least 15 minutes to your travel time for finding the venue, parking, carrying things in, finding the dressing room when you get in the building and finding the rehearsal hall where your group/instructor meet.

Competition organizers will assist you in finding your dressing room.  Signs are often posted as well so look for Spirit Arts Dance Society.  If we know the dressing room ahead of time we will also e-mail that information to you.

PLAN AHEAD!  Prior to leaving home be sure that you have all costume parts (hair pieces, shoe bows etc.)  Bring makeup and hair supplies.  And be sure to bring your DANCE SHOES.  You would be surprised how often dance shoes are left at home or in the dressing room.

DO NOT WEAR COSTUMES TO THE SITE, as they may get dirty or ripped.  These costumes are very delicate.

PARENTS ARE EXPECTED TO ACCOMPANY THEIR DANCERS and be prepared to help with costumes, hair and makeup in the dressing rooms.  Spirit Arts Dance Society is not responsible for supervising dancers at competitions. Parents are not allowed backstage at Festivals however.  These are Festival Rules and Instructors will accompany and supervise the dancers back stage.

It is important that healthy food and snacks are eaten during long dance days.  You may consider bringing your own food and drinks to the competition, as the food available is limited at the theatre.  PLEASE DO NOT EAT IN COSTUME.

Hair & Makeup

Hairstyle for each dance is chosen by the instructor and is considered to be part of the overall "costume" for the performance.  Hair and Makeup sheets will be sent out with the costume for every dance group.  If you have any questions or need help, please ask.

Makeup is considered by most dance societies to be part of the dancer's costume as well and needs to be standardized across all the performances.  In an attempt to make this process convenient for parents and to ensure sufficient supply of colours for our members, Mary Kay products were chosen as our colour standard.. These colours are intended to remain the same for the forseeable future.  The over-riding goal is to use this template of colours for a complete look when the dancers perform.  As always, instructors will have discretion at performance time as to whether or not each dancer matches the others in their group in areas of hair, makeup, tights and shoes because these factors affect adjudication

Makeup Standard Colours
Creme Lipstick - Red  (Most classes)
                   - Pink (Some younger Classes)
Mineral Cheek Colour - Strawberry Cream  (All classes)
Mineral Eye Colours - Chocolate Kiss (All classes)
                          Moonstone (All classes)
You may order from Mary Kay or check out the colours and match them with another makeup brand.

Packing Checklist

  • Costumes
  • Costume accessories
  • Hair accessories
  • SHOES - for every dance type
  • tights - for every dance type
  • hair spray
  • static guard
  • safety pins
  • needle and thread
  • bobby pins
  • hair elastics
  • curling iron
  • mirror
  • brush and comb
  • eye shadow
  • mascara
  • eye liner
  • lipstick
  • blush

Theatre Etiquette

There is usually a cover charge for watching Festivals.  Dancers do not have to pay, but parents and any other guests do.

No Cameras - video, photo or cell phones - are allowed to be used during performances at festivals.  Anyone taking pictures will be asked to leave the auditorium and their dancers group may be disqualified and a fine issued to the studio.  This is because flashes can result in accidents on stage.  It is also because choreographers wish to protect their dance from being copied.  There is often a professional photographer taking pictures at the festival.  Copies of their photos are available for purchase. 

During performances the doors of the auditorium will be closed.  You may not enter or leave until a performance has been completed.  There are usually people working at the door who will open it when people are permitted in and out.

When the adjudicator rings the bell, the audience is expected to be quiet and the next dance will begin.  If you have not reached your seat, you are expected to wait until after the dance is completed.

Dancers are not to be in the audience or walking around the building with costumes unless they are covered.  Please be sure to bring a cover-up (eg. Spirit Arts Dance jacket and pants, housecoat, etc.) that the dancers can slip on over a costume when away from the dressing room.

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